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We provide client referrals, administrative support and event management services to a network of wellness practitioners and facilities. Members of our system can increase awareness by participating in our radio show "Shift Happens". We also have a beautiful retreat space available in New Denver, BC.

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Wellness Clients

Not sure what kind of help you need or from whom? We can help you find the right practitioner for whatever ails you ~ review the types of offerings to find the right modality for you, then find a practitioner and review their grade and testimonials of previous clients.

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Use our retreat facility for remote clinics, retreats or workshops. We are located in New Denver, BC in the beautiful Slocan Valley. For more information Contact US. If you're interested in creating a wellness or agri-tourism retreat facility or if you're an existing facility with a desire to expand your services - we can help you succeed.

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Our reason for being

We've been the grateful recipients of some pretty amazing healing at the hands of some pretty amazing healers. The experience has motivated us to create this site. We want to share the joy of healing without trauma or pharmaceuticals.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is finding the right modality and practitioner(s). There are many types of alternative healing practices - some of which you may never have even heard of. We can help you find the right kind of treatment for your particular challenge.

Once you know what kind of practitioner you need, you need to find one that is effective. That's why we created this website. We do the research for you so that you have access to the best ~ and you can review their client feedback to make an informed choice.

And lastly, we build into the system a way to give back. 10% of the revenue generated by the site is set aside in a special fund to assist our members grow and heal.

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We're currently collecting information on how we can best serve practitioners, clients and retreat facilities. Your input would be greatly appreciated so please consider filling out a quick survey.